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WA Health

Play it Food Safe

WA Health Department
Copywriting, art direction, creative direction

75% of people think they handle food safely. Yet, an astonishingly large percentage of people think it’s ok to leave rice out of the fridge for a while and wash chicken before prepping. In fact, these practices can lead to some serious food poisoning.

Here’s the thing – public health safety campaigns can be the last thing people pay attention to (unless it’s a global pandemic, that is). But, people love playing with their food, which inspired this concept.

To make it an engaging message that people would pay attention to, we enlisted a whole team of designers to create a vibrant, colourful suite of meme-driven assets that we could pull apart and reconstruct to created an integrated marketing campaign that included social media, print, OOH, TVC, radio and printed assets.

Copy included lines like: don’t gamble on a googy, chill it or chuck it, be smart keep food apart and so on.

The campaign primarily launched to a regional audience across the southwest and wheatbelt regions.

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