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Melita Masters | Perth copywriter and brand story coach

Welcome to my Storytelling Studio

Stories come in all shapes and sizes.

They are our legacies and our future; our imagination and our lived experiences.

Stories build our culture and our communities.

Whether they’re ancient tales found in folklore, the journey from grapevine to glass, the culmination of colour and creativity, or the 24-hour postcards lurking up there in the cloud — stories are what form connections to each other.

Welcome to my storytelling studio. It’s where I spend my days weaving words and summoning strategies that turn little ideas into big business.

My job is my passion and my purpose is simple.

I learn about your amazing ideas, products and brand, and concoct creations that moves your audience from eyeing you to buying from you.

In a world where attention is short and tales are tall, I’ll carve out a unique and unforgettable space just for you.

Creative Services

I’m a trained journalist with well over a decade’s worth of experience writing in advertising and branding. Plus, my qualifications and years of experience in marketing and design ensure that when you hire me as your copywriter or coach, you’ll get the complete strategic package, the extra mile, the perfect shade of cherry on top.

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