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Raw Hire

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Raw Hire

When a legal requirement called for Pilbara-based McLaren’s Hire to change names, the company seized an opportunity to re-name and re-brand and then advertise to its market with renewed messaging.

Raw Hire radio “The Bushman”

It had always been a dream of mine to write a piece of poetry for a client. Growing up in the country meant Banjo Patterson’s bush ballads are in my blood; so it was an enjoyable opportunity to add my own lyrical writing to a radio spot for Raw Hire. The ballad-esque direction fit the brand perfectly — as did the thespian actor we commissioned to read the spot.

Television Advertising

Our new branding and name for the company took on a simplified version of the Western Australian outback, so we continued this idea through to TV with a series of animated Raw Hire vehicles. What follows is a laid-back — albeit determined — attitude, with a fun soundtrack and animation.

Raw Hire radio “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

Raw Hire wanted to convey its heart for the Pilbara community. So we travelled to five community groups that Raw Hire supported in the Pilbara and used their members to be our talent and SFX for a five-spot, year-long campaign. Here’s one example.

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