Melita Masters | Perth copywriter and brand story coach

Meet Melita

From little things, big things grow

I’m an award-winning, strategy-deducing, art-directing copywriter.

A branding expert and content queen. Storyteller and scallywag. I write copy like a poet and I’m equally passionate about linguistics as ligatures. While not one to fit into a box, I tick as many as possible.

My dreams of becoming a hard-hitting journalist were dashed when, having completed my BA in Mass Communications (with majors in both journalism and marketing), I discovered writing news stories about crime and sport didn’t tickle my creative fancy.

In the midst of stints eating my way through Bangkok as a food writer and sashaying through New York City as a dog walker, I thought I’d try something ‘different’ by studying fine arts and graphic design. A career in creative communications ensued.

When I’m not hard at work, I eat books for breakfast, write poetry in the bath and believe every person I meet has a story worth sharing. And, as a pint-sized human and champion for the underdog, I’m a staunch believer in the fact that ‘from little things, big things grow’.

Melita is a smart, considered, responsive, adaptable and above all, a wonderful human being.

She brings a level of empathy and insight to the creative table that many don’t possess.

She is strategic in her approach to briefs and quick to establish a collaborative and productive working relationship with clients, strategists and creative peers alike.

Derry Simpson, Telethon Kids Institute

Tell me your story and I’ll help tell it to the world

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