DJR Palm Springs Real Estate

Brand Vision

Dynamic trio David, Jesse and Romina make up one of Palm Springs’ most fascinating real estate brands. Under the glorious desert sun, DJR Palm Springs represent some of the most stunning properties that Palm Springs is known for.

Beyond that, as a group and as individuals, lies a passion for the community they serve.

DJR Palm Springs came to me for help telling their brand story. They had undertaken some fabulous branding exercises, but felt their story needed some magic word weaving.

It was a pleasure and privilege to be commissioned to write for their website, along with team bios with that little bit of special something. These became the chapters in a very unique story that continues to be told.

We worked remotely via Zoom and emails, making use of international time zones for quick delivery.

I really could spend ages poring over their website and dreaming of beautiful architecture, stunning fit-outs and life as the other half lives.

Talk to me about writing your own brand story and bios.

Melita Masters | Perth copywriter and brand story coach
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