Stephen Fry: In defence of the modern digital world | ABC Radio PM


“[Those who scoff at new technology and social media such as Twitter] should bear in mind that in the early 18th century there was the new technology of handpresses, as printing became cheaper and cheaper and cheaper, and it wasn’t the full invention of printing anymore than Twitter is the full invention of the internet; it was a little development within it…that lead to magazines, journalism, political pamphlets. And you know what, oddly enough, the many famous ones had names that were very like ‘Twitter.’ They were called things like ‘The Rambler,’ ‘The Idler,’ ‘The Spectator,’ ‘The Bystander.’ They weren’t called ‘Earnest Debate’ or ‘Serious Penetration of Issues’ or ‘The Philosopher.’ And by such strange and curious byways huge upheavals in the way people relate, and respond to one another, and political ideas and the way they push their ideas forward can be promulgated, and it isn’t anything you can predict, certainly anything you can control.”