She found herself at 30,000 feet above sea level with no idea of where she was going. The location on her boarding pass gave a clue, but in the whole scheme of things, it was of little significance. What she didn’t know then, was that the very thing that got her in the air, the very thing that inspired such dramatic change in her life, was also to be the very thing that would leave her crashing down to earth with nothing even close to a safety net to catch her. She lamented that day. That decision. It was a decision that would change her life forever, in a dozen and one different ways. Some of those changes, she was glad for. The experience left her wiser, clearer about the future and more courageous than she could have imagined; yet they were changes steeped in a bittersweet concoction that would leave her pained and bruised. Her heart had been trampled upon. She had let herself soar. To know what it felt like to fly, to truly risk it all and let herself go, was a knowledge she wished she’d never attained. Her wings had been clipped. She wasn’t sure she would ever fly again.

[This is the part that’s supposed to read: to be continued …]