Max Schaaf lives in Oakland, California where he skates, builds bikes, lords over land, watches movies, paints, writes, dog-walks, loves, hates, rides bicycles, talks on the phone, quotes, quips, scoffs, praises, and plays by his own rules. He drinks coffee in the morning, tea at night, he prefers to pee outside, he made me tear up once during a scolding, but he’s also been gracious, generous and patient beyond all expectations. He knows how to tell a story, he know how to listen to one. He ollies out of smith grinds, he skated to Too Short, Johnny Cash and Fugazi. He went big on a Japan, and hung up, and now he’s big in Japan. He has the unflinching stare of a convict, but the eye of an artist. Self-made and self-destructive. “Uncompromising” can mean difficult or it can mean “principled.” Max is uncompromising. Every decision is from the gut. every move has meaning.
— Scott Pommier