her master’s voice: United States of New York. I was sitting in a bar one night when Julien Stranger sat down and started talking. Then his mate John Cardiel joined in on the fun. Who would have thought that in all the bars in New York, I’d be in the one where I met two people I’d never heard of before. Wonders will never cease.

But, if it wasn’t for someone special, I would have been none the wiser from there on after as to the magnitude of who I was talking to. I listened to him tell me later some amazing heartfelt stories about two heroes who had in a way, cemented his love for the skateboard. Two heroes, who in that bar, made his night. A couple of weeks later, I was having the same experience, this time with Mark Gonzales.

Later that evening and on into the morning, as we were giddy on surrealism and Peronis, we found ourselves in Central Park, enjoying empty paths and fields with only raccoons for company. It was absolute freedom.

As one of the clumsiest people on earth, I jumped goofy-footed onto his skateboard and found myself bombing downhill in the moonlight until I rolled to a stop. It was sheer terror but I was yelling whoopee and who knows what else. I felt like I could take on the world in that very instant.

Until you know the feeling of meeting someone’s lifelong heroes and sharing their passion for something that is a big part of who they are, you might not understand the magic or magnitude of this story.

But, it was one of my favourite moments in New York, and dare I say … ever.