her master’s voice: Bangers and mash. Not the dinner, but Thailand’s capital. A city that doesn’t fit so easily into a paragraph; or at a guess, even a book. It was initially supposed to be a four-day visit. Six months later, for one reason or another, I left.

Bangkok is all the things you might expect - loud, dirty, polluted. Mind-blowing.

If I was to look at this city as a designer, I would have to say it’s a bit of a mish-mash. Bangers and mash. There’s no real resting spot for the eye. No place to lead the onlooker to any one particular place of interest, rather, leading them everywhere at once and back again. This place is the yellow pages of the urban landscape. Busy and cluttered, with strange words screaming at you from every angle.

Choose your own adventure.

And that I did. So instead of looking at this place as a designer, I looked at it as a new friend, whom you get to know, get close to and understand with time.

It can do your head in. It can suck all the creativity out of you, make you feel withered and dry; haggard and wrangled into a knot as tight and messy as the very power lines that surge electricity through its veins.

It shouts at you from every angle, and as someone once so deftly put it: New York may be the city that doesn’t sleep, but Bangkok is the city where nothing sleeps.

But it’s also a metropolis of excitement and adventure, you just need to go looking for it - and not in the places you might think.

When you share this city with a friend, or in my case - a few, you might find yourself going for broke and making the most of this bewildering place.

You and your friends, the impressionable - in a city of elephants, prostitutes and rice as far as the eye can see. You and your friends, with a bottle of whisky, spray can or just some crazy shenanigans, can make quite the impression on the city itself.