Choose your own, not the other guy's.

So I get it. Life is a “choose your own adventure”. Like those books you read as a child, where at the end of every chapter there lies a choice. Each choice would give you a different page to turn to, taking you on several possible journeys through a story that would ultimately end in no consequence, a brilliant finale, or heaven forbid… disastrous results. Although in life it seems you have fewer chances to cheat and backtrack your choice of page number to turn to if you’re not happy with the results. And when you get to the end of a chapter in life, it appears that everyone has their opinion to give about which way you are to go. It seems curiosity is forever goading me to see what lies beyond the pages of the most logical path. I am prone to the kind of behaviour that leads me to only learn from experience, not what I am told. It’s usually all about taking the road less traveled, defying the sage of family and friends, and just winging it on a whim. It seems there is no other option. Why travel with everyone else? Join a tour, so you can take the same predictable snapshots as the guy sitting next to you? The same guy who wants to buy a t-shirt from every city he passes through so he can wear it to family BBQs for the next ten years and brag about where he’s been? I think not. Screw the tour, screw the options that everyone takes and choose your own adventure. Don’t sit there and dwell too hard on those choices you made before. Last night’s stories are in today’s redeeming hands. Don’t wait for the what-if’s to catch up to you. Write your own damn adventure story first.