”A down-at-heel suburb attracts artists due to its low rents and ample work space, for instance in former warehouses or lofts. A vibrant and exciting arts scene springs up, sometimes overnight. A few pioneer cafes and small bars follow. Gradually, the district acquires a reputation as ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ or ‘funky’. Before you know it, property values have sky-rocketed and every formerly abandoned shop-window is now an artisanal bakery or single-speed bicycle repair shop or fair-trade organic cafe staffed only by charismatic baristas with beards.”

But is that such a bad thing? As Eltham [author of above] notes, so what if arts institutions have to move to the fringe? It enriches the vast tracts of suburbia where most of the world (if not your traditional art-going types) live.

Then your city dwellers would only need to master the train network…

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