Meth Can Take Control


role: concept / copywriting

We were tasked with creating a campaign that targeted the rising use of meth in Western Australia, and showing the outcomes the drug can have on its users and their relationships, work and health.

Creative Approach

Three hard-hitting films, commissioned by the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia, tell traumatic stories of meth users and the effects their habit can have on loved ones. By showing the stories in reverse, the films highlight how one bad decision can result in someone’s life unravelling out of control.

A lot of research went into each film; with the scripts written using inspiration compiled from real users' stories. The emphasis was not on the crazed, teeth-falling-out drug-addled stereotypes, but rather, the more down-to-earth realities facing meth users.


Awarded: PADC Film + TVC (Silver)
Campaign Brief Best TVC of Year