What’s Old is New Again

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role: concept / art direction / copywriting

Dalton Papers wanted to create a calendar for the year 2011 to market its ‘Revive’ family of recycled paper products. After purchasing 25 dog-eared calendars from around the globe, whose dates married the dates of 2011, an old-yet-new calendar was created. Twelve images from calendars dating from 1921–1983 were selected. Following its distribution to designers and printing professionals around Australia in January 2011, the calendar became much sort after and the demand from around the world far outstripped supply. The calendar went on to be highly awarded at international creative shows such as the One Show and Adfest, further exposing Dalton’s brand to the design community.

Awarded — Merit: One Show, New York
Bronze Lotus: Adfest, Thailand
Silver: Publications, PADC

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